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Pboro was born out of a social commitment – to bring online possibilities for everyone, especially to the projects that help the ones who need most. When we built our first portal project, we focused on bringing the best of our city together in one place, allowing people to publish and advertise their projects, activities and plans for free. We’ve given our time, our tools and our heart to these projects and we help many of them in to success.

Pboro Sponsoring Miss Great Britain Peterborough Pageant

Pboro's project kept growing in many fields and we've always been proud of our participations with great causes. The team has always been committed with charities, artists, not for profit business and positive community projects. But this commitment has grown overseas and Pboro associate its efforts with many other causes. The Foundation of LIFENOTION.ORG is a huge sample of such commitment. This is a project we have been deeply involved and sponsoring. It's purpose is to promote development through education promoting health and sustainability with total transparency, efficiency and accountability.


Pboro started 4 years ago as a small local project between good friends. It’s a big market, the online business, and Pboro main purpose is to bring closer to you the necessary tools to establish and maintain a healthy and positive presence online. To get a website, to publish it online, to have it easily available for people, to generate traffic, to reach out your clients, it’s not always an easy task. Pboro is your local support in this matter.

We care for our local clients and we treat them as close neighbours and partners. We understand how complicated and competitive the online structure can be, and we offer our experience and knowledge to make it easier and effective for you.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have. Among our clients we have huge international brands with full online content management systems developed, we have local restaurants with exquisite cuisines to promote, we have singers, artists that look for our advice and services to make it easy and simple to be contacted and found; we have takeaways, restaurants, with fully designed systems that operate in the city and among many other types of services like car parking, car services, garages, radio stations, charities, theme parks and exhibitions…

We are here for everyone and every challenge is a great challenge for us. We will continue this journey and will keep making history. Pboro is only starting its adventure but we can see a great potential raising in to the future.



Ricardo MacHado


Join our team if you think you have value to bring. We are always open to new players expanding the company horizons. Be ready for challenges and to work in a highly motivated team.



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Pboro and Pboro Online Solutions are trade names for Ricardo MacHado, registered trade number 6700584140.

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