Pboro Ltd is a registered English company that provides advertising services and tools for business' and artist management services. Pboro is a young, innovative and fast growing project that is ready to lead in many fields in our emerging market.

Pboro is a team of motivated people of all ages that work together in a multicultural environment to provide solutions for business', charities and local artists. We are a fun loving team but we are very focused on client satisfaction and always looking to please our costumers with innovation and outstanding products.

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Our team,

& other collaborators and contributors

Ricardo MacHado - CEO and Founder @ pboro.co.uk


Ricardo is the company owner and director. He is responsible for all  of the team and their activities. Ricardo is also the design manager and responsible for all the projects related with artists and events.



Pedro Vilela - Media Advisor @ pboro.co.uk


Pedro is involved in all media projects and contributes to video production, video editing and filming.


Jessica Wong - Project Manager @ pboro.co.uk


Jessica is responsible for directing and coordinating all of the companies main activities. She coordinates all teams activities in all fields of action.


Rupert Gladstone - Content and Photography @ pboro.co.uk


Rupert coordinates the bloggers and the Whazzon page. Rupert also photographs and films events.



Dianne Pollard - Coordinator @ pboro.co.uk


Dianne coordinates the social media communication and also contributes to template design and portal dynamics.


You may also see this awesome team We collaborate with each other:

Stephen Durham - Radio Peterborough Director


Stephen has joined us on several projects and directs the sound for the Pboro Most Wanted Sho

David Hughes - DJ and Presenter @ Pboro Most Wanted


David directs and presents the live radio show. He is  co-responsible for the show content, dynamics and processes.

James Miller - Dj and Presenter @ Pboro Most Wanted


James directs and presents the live radio show. He is co-responsible for the show content, dynamics and processes.

Fiona Cox - DJ and Presenter @ Pboro Most Wanted


Fiona directs and coordinates backstage and out of studio videos. She is also a co- presenter at the radio show.


Emma Mitchell - Presenter @ Pboro Most Wanted


Emma collaborates with us by presenting backstage interviews and events.

Other Company contacts:

General: info@pboro.co.uk - to contact us on any general subject related to the company or company services.

Sales: sales@pboro.co.uk - the sales team is here to assist you all the time. use this email for any request, info or anything else.

Events: events@pboro.co.uk - if you have any queries regarding our Whazzon! page or about the events on the page, please use this email.

Press Releases: press@pboro.co.uk - for any general info you want us to add to our flow of information online.

Support: support@pboro.co.uk - for any technical support or advising on our products or services, or Portal users.

advertise: advertise@pboro.co.uk - this is the contact for our advertise team. Please use it if you need to talk to anyone regarding advertising on our portal.

Attractions: attractions@pboro.co.uk - to contact us regarding our attractions page, add info, change info or any other subject.

Artists: artists@pboro.co.uk - If you want to know more about our BANDS or the bands page, or our artists managing system, please use this contact.

If you like a good challenge, team work, having fun doing stuff you love, working in a relaxed environment; if you like technologies, enjoy planning and engaging in great projects, working with communities; if you love to communicate, go out with friends, enjoy the company of artists, musicians, radio shows, studio works and loads of stuff like this... just send us your CV and tell us your story, what you can do, your natural skills and it really could happen!


use our email info@pboro.co.uk and your imagination too...

Pboro is a registered domain and a registered brand by Pboro Ltd, a corporate company registered in UK with the number 08599081 since 2013

Thank you for your visit, it's always very appreciated.

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