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Railways Time Travel and Wildlife


Two places in one that can make a full day pretty diverse, enjoyable and you can bring your own picnic! . This place is the Wildlife Haven and Railworld. Just have a look at the offers:


  • Besides the huge locomotives under restoration parked, the place is surrounded with railways - passenger and freight! The main line to Scotland and London, the cross country to Cambridge. The preseved Peterborough Nene Valley Station is alongside Railworld, with regular trains coming and going, steaming and whistling all day. , you also have some beautiful historical items and exhibitions.


  • The Garden Railway with bridges and tunnels so that your children can interact with;


  • The ghost train maze and other railway related things to see;


  • A fabulous “OO” Gauge Model built in doors that kids just love to watch. (on north side)



We are sure this would be enough to keep them busy for a while, but  crossing the Geoffrey Steels Bridge you’ll find the Wildlife Haven, a habitat creation programe also created by volunteers.


Wildlife Haven is a magnificent landscaped area with antique aqueducts converted to bridges with amazing things to see. Two waterfalls connecting 3 ponds full of life; the pathways can be explored; the views over the river; the globe hall with colouring activities and movies about the Wildlife Trust and the steam train specials on the main line.


There’s a lot to do, explore, view, interact, spend energy, you children will tire and getting tired and go home to sleep....

Don’t take our word for it, go there! For us Wildlife Haven and Railworld may be one of the most complete places for activities in Peterborough right now. Fun, educational and beautiful. Go and see…




Costs and Features

All details so you have no excuses...

  1. Costs: Usually the cost is the first concern. So let’s take that out of our way. An adult can get in for £4 and kids can go as low as £1… so, how about that? Why not travel on the Nene Valley Railway and get the special Railworld entry for NVR Customers Only - Happy Family of FIVE ofr £5!
  2. Parking: This is another usual issue… not here! This place has its own car park able to fit more than 400 cars! Its normally £3.00 for all day - BUT it’s free entry to Railworld/Haven for the adult driver! ….
  3. How to get there: This place is 5 minutes’ walk from Asda. It’s actually a beautiful walk over the blue  bridge, over the Nene River just on the back of Asda, head right towards the restored railway bridge built in the 1840's, keep walking along the River Nene to Railworld - You won’t miss it. By car, you can see all instructions here
  4. Food: You can bring your own and have a nice picnic after choosing from one of the several picnic areas. Also, you can easily get a cup of tea or coffee from the cafe or have a quick bite on a snack. There’s also ice creams and cool drinks as well. Last time we were there we ordered pizzas from Domino’s and they delivered in 20 minutes at the gate! How cool is that?
  5. Toilets: Two sets of toilets, one on each side of the river. Don’t worry kids won’t have to run a lot to use it.


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