Pboro has over 3000 local subscribers. Among our lists categories are:

  • Local traders
  • Local Business
  • General Audience
  • Local artists
  • Event managers
  • Local Venues

Your Own Newsletter:

  • We can design and edit a personalised newsletter to be sent to your clients.
  • We can set up a newsletter management system on your website or in our servers.
  • We can set up an emailing list with your costumers and build a database that you can use whenever you like to send the message/offer/news/etc that you want

Pboro Newsletter:

Our newsletter is sent by email to over 3000 subscribers with news about our city, activities and events. To see your content on our newsletter, please contact us to info@pboro.co.uk


Pboro.co.uk is updating its info until the the end of this year. All these pages will be again available from that point. Please contact us at info@pboro.co.uk for any specific detail, we are responding to all our emails with the available information.

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